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Handmade miniature creations by Katie Doka

handmade miniature creations

by Katie Doka


I'm Katie Doka



My original profession is visual arts teacher.

Once, one of my students showed me her miniature works. I liked it so much that I decided to try it myself. It happens, that the teachers learn from their students...

By time passing, making miniatures has become my passion. It requires a very high level of self-discipline: You must pay attention to all little details - "The devil is in the detail."

Making a single piece requires a lot of time and a great variety of materials. My work method is: 2 hours of work and then 1 hour of rest.

Materials used: professional clay, cotton threads, feathers and the rest is my secret :-)

Interesting Facts:

I can make those animals the best which I love the most.

For example: hedgehog, parrot, etc.

Is my personality as spiky as a hedgehog and as colorful as a parrot???

Probably  :-)

It's a big challenge for me to make a very small bird, because they are very easily lost. Occasionally I accidentally throw the finished piece together with the remaining materials into the trash, so I can start the whole procedure again from the beginning.

Once it happened, that a tiny piece (half an inch) was blown out of my hand by the wind. I was looking for it in front of my house under the balcony in the grass until late night, when I finally found it. Or the other time I dropped a small parrot on the floor. I was looking for it with a magnifying glass, but my sweet little dog (a Cotton de toulear) found it sooner than me. So she chewed it and  it became partially her meal that day.

My hobby:

I like jogging a lot. I do jogging 6-10 kilometers outdoor every day for 22 years for now, in good and bad weather as well. Sometimes with my partner, sometimes with my dog. Good health is important for good work and jogging makes it possible.

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