Handmade miniature creations by Katie Doka

handmade miniature creations

by Katie Doka

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Dollhouse Miniature Owls 1:12 scale

Katie Doka miniatures marketplace

Macaws and Parakeets

Macaws and Parakeets 1:12 scale

Katie Doka miniatures marketplace




Hello, I'm Katie Doka

’The devil is always in the details.’

Originally I am a visual arts teacher. Couple of years ago one of my students once showed me her own work of miniatures and I liked it so much that I decided to try it myself. Since then creating miniatures became my passion. It requires a tremendous amount of self discipline: You need to stay focused and pay attention to every little detail. In other words, as we know it: the devil is always in the details.

To make a piece requires a lot of time and a great variety of materials. Usually, the alternate 2 hours working and 1 hour resting routine have served me well in my working method.

All my work is handmade and I pay attention to details, as it is my top priority in order to make them look real.

I don't use any molds to create my miniatures, so each creations are One of a Kind! It's unique and it has its own characteristic.

Here you can read more about me, see my gallery or find my creations, which you can order online.

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